Welcome to Painting Dreams, where I peacefully reside, always procrastinating. I’m Hannah, a Christian teen, glasses wearer, amateur photographer, extrovert, aesthetic-lover, ENFP, reader, writer, rambler, and artist. I love soccer, drawing, writing (already said that), coffee, hoodies, and sleep. I’m a morning person, I like to go places, and I’m currently homeschooled. I am a MAJOR procrastinator.

On this blog, sometimes I just ramble. Sometimes I have actual, civilized posts. Sometimes I rant. Sometimes, my blog is an outlet to share my feelings with the world. Actually, that’s most of the time. But no matter what, I try (hard) to keep up with my posts and respond to comments, and also to participate in other blogger’s events.

This blog is a tiny peek into my life as I navigate the roads of life, using lots of bad puns and metaphors along the way.

So basically, stick around awhile, and maybe you’ll find some inspiration.


Joy to all, (2)




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